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Elevator Safety

Observe interior before entering. Wait until the next elevator if you are uncertain of any occupant. Females riding the elevator alone should always stand near the control panel. If accosted, press ALL buttons. If a suspicious person enters the elevator,[...]

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How To Prevent Theft and Recover Stolen Property

Engraving your name or number on your valuables helps deter robbery in two ways: First, you discourage the thief since marked property is much more difficult to sell, Second, if a thief does steal your property, it is much easier[...]

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How To Protect Yourself Against Pickpockets

The “art” of picking pockets is among one of the world’s oldest professions. Author Charles Dickens’ Artful Dodger is probably among the best known pickpockets. However, all are not juveniles – and all are not males! The skilled pickpocket is[...]

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